leather protector for bag?

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  1. do you normally put a leather protector for the mono canvas? It does say anything on the site so I'm not sure If I should or not :|
  2. Definitely yes! I use shining monkey on mine to prevent water stains as I live in a rather wet city :smile:
  3. oh....i was looking for a vachetta protecter too....decided between apple garde and something from lovin' my bags...ms_max, how does shining monkey work for you? Does it actually darken the vachetta at all?
  4. I bought the LV kit from lovin my bags two days ago, and its on its way to my house right now. i will let you know how it goes after i try it :nuts:
  5. I always appleguard my bags. It works wonders, no water spots at all!
  6. apple guarde
  7. I just used the lv kit from lovinmybags.com.

    I guess it's nice, still going to put on a second layer of miracle shield tonight. I heard that it works well, but I haven't tested out my bag in extreme weather yet lol. No darkening of the vachetta, which is good :smile:

    And I tried Amor All protectant for the canvas, works well.
  8. Hi OP, please do a search in the FAQ section, lots of threads to read/post in. Thanks!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.