Leather Protector / Conditioner?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wondering - I've been looking for a good leather protector or conditioner that will help protect my bags from dirt and the elements - what do you all use? Thanks! :heart:
  2. I was about to post this as well!
  3. Apple Guard! I found about about it on this forum. You can get it at leatherstuff.com. I just placed an order today for two of the 8 oz bottles of the conditioner, but I seriously debated whether I should have gotten the gallon jug! The shipping is reasonable, $5 flat Priority shipping, but I couldn't find a current coupon code...
  4. Do a search before you post. Thats what the search function is for.

    There are TONS of threads on this topic already.
  5. I know a lot of people recommend Apple Guard. I think somebody mentioned around here she got it at www.leatherstuff.com but I haven't bought from that site.

    Shining Monkey's good too.
  6. leatherstuff.com offers apple guard protector and conditioner. I use it on most of my bags from MJ .. to RM.

    Haven't had a problem yet.
    sometimes you can even find a coupon for leatherstuff.com floating around.
  7. Thats good to know.
  8. Apple leather care is a great conditioner. I also use Wilson's protector spray - it doesn't change the color or texture of the leather at all and helps repel water and other stains.

  9. I also use Apple Guard leather conditioner, cleaner, and the rain and stain protector as well. I have the full set and I've been nothing but pleased with the full line of products.
  10. Dito!
  11. I agree! Apple Garde is great, and leatherstuff.com ships pretty quickly, too. You can also search around for codes, sometimes they have them or have sales.
  12. Just placed and order for Apple care products and got an email back that they can't send the Garde overseas since it's an aerosol :sad: I got the cleaner and conditioner anyhow, I guess I'll have to find a good one that is sold in Finland...
  13. thanks ladies for all the helpful responses . . . . now, one more . . . . i just bought a new bottega *crocodile* :yahoo: and i'm wondering if it's safe to use the apprle garde on that as well?? a lil scared to ruin the latest member of the family, but of course at the same i want to make sure it's well protected!
  14. Im trying to find out ingredients for Apple and Wilson products (specifically the conditioner) to make sure they are safe for DSs allergies...
  15. that was really snotty......:rolleyes: