Leather protection?

  1. I read woodstock's post about how to care for HH leather and saw that a lot of you recommended the Lovin my Bags leather pro-treatment. Have any of you used Wilson's Leather and Suede Protector? Is it better?

    I just got a Bulga Crescent Tote and a Kooba Charlie and I want to protect the leather, but I'm a little nervous about putting a cream or spray on my bags. The instructions about using a hair dryer to speed up drying made me a little wary. Is Lovin by Bags Pro-Treatment the best product, or do you recommend others?
  2. I haven't used both products and I don't own HH but Cadallac, Wilsons, and Lovin my Bags are all leather protectors frequently recommended on this board. Coach is recommended too but there have been posts about it lifting color from leather.