Leather Protection for Carly?

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  1. Has anyone used Apple Garde on their leather Carly bag with good results? Any other suggestions for a good leather protector? Thanks!
  2. I just bought a Large Chili Carly that had a bunch of scratches (it was such a great price) and used Apple on it. It looks beautiful now!!
  3. Yup, I pretty much Apple all of my bags now before I use them - new, used, older ones, and they all come out great. oh and I did both my chocolate and chili Carlys with the same great results.
  4. I used Apple on my med. chili leather carly and it came out beautifully! The leather is so soft and supple.
  5. I love tPF because of this - thanks for the tips!
  6. What is it called... Apple Care? I want to order this, but I want make sure I am ordering the right stuff. :smile:
  7. I use it on all my bags too. Just did my black leather carly and it looks beautiful, she looked good before, but even better now!
  8. Where can we purchase this product from???? and can this be used on the COACH LEGACY LEATHER SHOULDER BAG 11127 ???? Thanks
  9. Leatherstuff.com sells Applecare. I don't know if it is the same as apple guard. I have used Apple care on my Legacy Raisin, White, and Black leather and it worked beautifully on all of them.
  10. Is Apple Care the stuff the conditions the leather? Is it better than the Coach Conditioner?
  11. Thanks alot, I just purchased some and will be trying it ASAP!
  12. I agree, I just pulled my Legacy Shoulder Bag out of the closet and thought she looked a little tired. This sounds like just what she needs.