Leather 'Protectant?'

  1. Is there a product that protects the leather on chanel bags, this might have an obvious answer for some people, but I really have no idea. I know about appleguard and Shining Monkey, but I've never really heard anyone talking about using it on Chanels, does it ruin it? ..or would it work? If anyone could help, I would appreciate it.
  2. Chanel recommends a product called Vectra Spray. You can buy it at


    Look for Vectra 16. I'm not a fan of AG, I find it very greasy and difficult to apply.

    Hope this helps!
  3. It's so confusing, though. Some SAs say to apply a product. Others say not to. There doesn't seem to be any one clear-cut message on this subject...
  4. I use appleguard and I just let it sit overnight or all day so it won't feel greasy after it completely dries. I'm gonna try shining monkey next tho. Oh, the vectra spray link didnt work :sad:
  5. I just gave 2 healthy layers of Vectra on my black reissue last night. I have spray my cambon large tote with Vectra in the past as well. Works great!
    Try this: http://vectraspray.com/pVectra16.asp