Leather protectant?

  1. Hi girls, does anyone use a leather protectant for your Koobas/Tanos? I want to use a good leather protectant but am so scared that some might end up leaving stains or discolor the leather.

    What do you girls recommend? Do you use different leather protectants for different types of bags? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've used Apple guard on my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, and plan to apply it to my Koobas as well. I think any of the recommended leather protectants will be fine as long as you do a spot test first. Especially with the lighter colors.
  3. Thanks so much everyone!
  4. I guess it depends on where you live too. Wilsons, Appleguard and Shining monkey (the names that always crop up on tPF) arent available here.

    I use Kiwi leather protector spray on my bags and it has held up 100%. It repelled ice cream drips on my Isabella fiore and water splashes on my Kooba.
    Plus its easy for me to buy and its a good price! :yes:
  5. i only have a kooba bonnie in blonde, but opted not to put protectant on it... she's looking DELICIOUS now a days, and i'm really glad i never put anything on her. i think leather needs to naturally age! the oils in your skin and the general wear on the bag from every day use builds a patina that is not only lovely to watch change and grow over time, but is also the nature of leather!

    view my thread on the situation ;):

  6. Nordstrom sells a fantastic spray called Cadillac Spray. It is a great protectant and it is only $5.95. They also have a great cleaner/conditioner by the same name.