Leather protectant ...


What is your favorite leather protectant?

  1. Apple Guard

  2. Shining Monkey

  3. *


  4. Other

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  1. OK, so since I am fairly new here and about to get my new Gustto I would kindly appreciate your input/advice on your favorite leather protector...
    I have no experience with any of these. I have mainly used Coach soap and lotion, never protected my bags... wow- I'm ashamed! LOL
    :tender:Thanks bunches for you input! :tender:
  2. I have a Coach lotion from years ago, but have never used it. A couple of weeks ago, when I was picking up a Chloe handbag at Bloomingdales, I parked at Nordstrom and decided to check out their handbags. I was carrying my YSL muse and I started chatting with the SA guy when I was looking at their YSL handbags. I pointed out a very small martini stain on my muse and he just took it to his desk and started cleaning it. It made my Muse look very bright and refreshed. I was about to purchase their cleaning product when I realized I had forgotten my MJ zip clutch at home. I had to drive back 18 miles to get my wallet. It was a very nice leather cleaner. He said he uses it on all the leather handbags Nordstrom's has, Chloe, YSL, MJ, etc. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the product.
  3. I heard Apple Guard is pretty good!
  4. Hmmmm, THNX! & good to know! I usually am a fan of Nordies products. I will check it out.
  5. Oh please help. Maybe nobody else protects their bags either? Hmmmmm
  6. I voted other as i have Mulberry bags and the ones that are Darwin leather i protect with Collonil spray they do a wide range but i can not say whether they are suitable for all bags but it is worth looking at :yes:
  7. Sorry, I don't protect my bags but as soon as the experts tell us which products to use, I'm gonna start!
  8. I clean all of my Koobas (finished leathers) with Balenciaga Cleaner and use the Balenciaga Moisterizer too but with alot of my bags they have unfinished leathers so I started using Wilson's and did all of my bags with 2 treatments. I've noticed a big difference especially with water spots.
  9. I've never put any lotion on any of my bags. Am I totally out of it? I use a bag, and then when it finally looks like hell, I get rid of it.
  10. I use and love both Apple Guard and Shining Monkey products. I primarily use AG for conditioning and cleaning and SM for protection. I like the AG protectant spray too, but noticed that on some leather finishes, it would stay rather greasy, while the SM dried completely. I use these products on all my bags and have not noticed any adverse results. However, the AG did dull the finish a bit on one of my glazed leather bags; it just didn't bother me since I thought it was too shiny to begin with. I've also used Cadillac leather care product (Nordstrom sells them) in the past with similar success. HTH some!
  11. I have used Wilson's on some of my bags until the can ran out. I then purchased AppleGuard's cleaner, conditioner and protector.

    I bought a very pre-loved Kooba Jessie on Ebay, she was a sight and sorely needed care. I cleaned her twice, conditioned her then sprayed protectant. She now ~glows~ from this treatment and was brought back to her original splendor in the grass.
  12. Used both AG and SM protectant. Not crazy about the car interior smell, but product works just fine. Always recommended to clean and condition when the bag gets older before another layer of protection whether SM, AG, W, or K products...
  13. Alrighty then! That helps clear things up for me... not much protectant use, but Apple Guard seems to lead the race.
    I truly appreciate your input. The varrying answers helps clear up my confusion, because it looks like there really isn't a common/all-purpose product.
    Thanks bunches, again, ladies.