Leather Protectant?

  1. Do you spray your new bags with one before use, and if so, what kinds do you recommend? I haven't done it with any of mine, and though already used, wondering if I should to further protect them.
  2. I have a mulberry bag that they recommend spraying with collonil waterstop spray. It protects against water spot damage and has a uv protectant in it too.
  3. Not yet, but I've heard excellent things about Apple guarde. You can find it in Burlington's coat factory and at leatherstuff.com
    Use the apple guard to waterproof your stuff and the conditioner to help maintain the leather. I hear it's fantastic.
  4. Yes, I use Wilson leather and AppleGuard. This way I do not have to worry about water ruining my bags, life is too short.
  5. I have yet to use a protectant on any of my Kooba bags...and today reminded me why I should. First, reading this post and second, I got water on my Kooba Renee at the grocery store today while filling a water bottle. It isn't a large spot and not very noticeable since it is a distressed leather but now I'm motivated to buy either one or the other. There is a Burlington's in town and I'll be heading that way soon.