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  1. Hi, I have just discovered this site and hope you guys might be able to give me some feedback on my new day bag purchase. I bought a black shoulder/day bag a couple of weeks ago (have been wanting to purchase a bbag for ages) and having used it about 5 times i have noticed a very small bit of leather has flaked off the back of the bag. Is this normal, should i be returning it? I have noticed a few posts regarding the new 2006 leather, its no way as nice as the older stuff. Has anyone else had problems with the new leather cracking or peeling?
    I liked the bag so much i was wanting to run out and get a white one but this has put me off, which is a shame as i love the style and shape.
  2. Welcome to the forum. :biggrin:

    Where did you purchase this bag?

    Can you post a picture?

    No, it is not normal; but, more informtation regarding who you bought it from, what year it is from, and a picture would help.
  3. I've had a few tiny spots where a clear flexible film has peeled off the leather. There's been no difference where it's come off. I haven't had any black leather crack or peeling off.
  4. Hi, i purchased it in Harvey Nichols in london about 3 weeks ago and i am assuming its the new 2006 spring/summer collection, unfortunately I don't have the bag with me to post a picture. The bit of leather that has flaked off is on the back of the bag, so its not bothering me too much, and it is small, but if more were to fall off i would be mad. I can't get the enthusiasim up to take the bag back at the moment as the SA's are a pain in HN but if it got worse, or if i though the bag was defective and it hasn't happened to anyone else bbags i would.

    On another online community I belong to, a woman experienced the same problem. She bought a black City b-bag in early February and noticed it was peeling in the back. She returned it to the small boutique she purchased it from and that's when the drama started!

    The boutique accused her of damaging the bag and supposedly sent the bag to Balenciaga in NY. Balenciaga in NY supposedly said it was "normal wear and tear" to the bag...everyone kept stressing to my friend that "b-bag are supposed to be distressed". When the bag was returned to her....SURPRISE, the tearing was gone! My friend suspects that either the store or Balenciaga switched her bag for one that wasn't damaged. :amazed:

    Sooo...if the tearing is bothering you, take it back to Harvey Nicks. These bags are too expensive for you to not be 100% happy with it. The bags are supposed to be "distressed", not torn or ripped. If there is leather hanging off your bag...that is not good. The earlier you return the bag, the better...otherwise the SAs will accuse you of doing the damage.
  6. I agree with esiders advice - if it is bothering you then take it back - if it is the leather that is peeling off this is not what I would deem, "normal wear and tear" and I would think there is a potential for more peeling.
  7. Yes, Esiders! I was just going to bring that situation up! Definitely return/exchange it - that should not happen.
  8. I can't help but notice (after a couple of threads I have read ) that Balenciaga's customer service is really bad! No returns!? If the leather on your bag is flaking after a handful of times of use they absolutely should exchange your bag or refund your hard earned money back!!!- the end! What do they think someone is doing to the $1200.00 bag- intentionally peeling the leather off?!!! They should no better!
  9. I seem to remember someone posting in a thread about cracking on her magenta b'bag.
  10. my pewter bag has a small area where the color has chipped off. it's near the handles but it doesn'tbother me much. it's been like that for a while now and hasn't gotten worse.
  11. I kinda scratched a small tiny part of the front and a little bit of the leather came off....its not really noticable though!
  12. gosh, why is everyone coming up with problems with the leather??? i have an ink first and was frankly quite doubtful abt the durability of the leather...but as there was no hope to exchange it after i first bought it, i just kept it.. should i be thiniking of selling it soon???? so far, the leather is fine.. but i haven't been using it much... twice a month...
  13. I think I have the same problem with you on the handles and I think it's normal..
  14. double post
  15. Yikes! :amazed: Defintely take it back to the boutique asap!