Leather pricing?

  1. I called a boutique to get a price on the jige, since no one really seems to know. The sa said they had a croc and a chevre. I know I can't afford a croc, so I asked the price on the chevre. She said it was about $2k. In general, how much more expensive is chevre than something like togo or box? Does Hermes even make the jige in togo??

  2. I think someone posted before that a jige in togo was around $1100 or so? If I see one this weekend I'll let you know! I :heart: that style!
  3. I was told the goathides are $700-$800 more than the cowhides.
  4. That's been my experience, too.
  5. i dunno about the jige, but i do remember a bolide in
    37 togo is 5050 while in
    31 chevre is 5500
  6. 31 Togo was around $4800, If I remember correctly
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