Leather Preference & When You Fell in Love With Balenciaga...a Coicidence?

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  1. So I noticed that there is a correlation between the type of leather a bbag fan loves and when they first fell for Balenciaga. For instance, the "veteran" fans seem to love the smoother, no veins leather created before 2006. While those who fell in love with Balenciaga in 2006-2007 love the distressed, full of "character" veiny leather.

    Do you guys believe that your preference depends on when you were introduced to Balenciaga and the year your first bbag was acquired? I thought it would be interesting if we listed when our first bbag was and what type of leather we like! I'll go first.

    My first Balenciaga was in 2006. I am not inclined towards choosing a bag that is 100% smooth. I like the distressed, smooshy leather. Veins don't bother me as long as they don't take away from the color of the bag (i.e. make it look washed out). I like some veins because it adds character!
  2. great thread! i'll add my 1st - a beautiful bone white 2006 Day. this bag is a rockstar! the leather is thinner compared to my 05 Days, but is smooth and gorgeous! it's wrinkly, not veiny. i say smooth because the leather is light like a feather. it was love at first sight and i've added a black, olive, taupe, turquoise, dolma, rouge vif (sold) and cognac (traded) to my Day family! ummm, in addition to my other non-Day bags :rolleyes:
  3. I fell in love with Bbags in the summer of 05 just before the fall collection came out. I think that fall of 05 was when Balenciaga leather changed. The leather in spring of 05 was thicker and more matte than prefall and fall of 05.

    I think what I prefer most about the new leather is the gloss. I know a lot of PFers don't like the shiny leather, but I love it.

    Even though my first Bbag was a lilac 04 city, I bought the majority of my bbags that fall and true to your theory, its the leather I prefer.
  4. hi, I have been in love with bbags in the summer of 04, but really regreted for not getting the O4 bbags until the spring of 05. It's true, I just prefer the less distress and matte finish of the leather. However, I have the RV day and love it.

    Last Saturday, I was at NM looking at the 07 bbags and they just felt so different in my hands compared to my 05 black city. I was a little disappointed as I have read that the 07 leather is better than the 06 ones.
  5. my first bag was in 2006 but i love the smooshy 05 leather! .. i dont like viens at all and I go through alot of trouble to "smooth out" my 06s ...
  6. my first bag was fall 2006! I prefer the veiny leather actually but never actually seen theo ld leather in real life. I prefer the veins because its easier to authenticate the bags. I might change my mind if i ever see the old smooshy 05 leather ^^
  7. Back in 2005 I fell inlove with my bordeaux first, the leather was the softest leather in the world and the colour was perfection, that was the bag that got me hooked. I have just adopted her out to another tPF member, it was heart breaking but she was just too small:crybaby:I will never forget her:crybaby:
  8. Wow. I never thought of it that way... but it makes sense. :yes:

    I noticed Balenciaga around 04 and finally got one the following year. This is my idea of "insane B leather"... old-school and elephant-ish. Veins don't do anything for me.

  9. I started t really appreciate Balenciaga a couple months ago. For the longest time I thought Bbags were actually ugly and didn't understand why so many people wore them. One day it just *clicked* and now I am hooked for life.

    I love the distressed veiny shiny leather. I felt really alone on the forum because I thought I was the only one!

    This is my idea of gorgeous leather.


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  10. I'd love to give a really creative answer here, but the honest to goodness truth is that my first b'bag had NOTHING to do with the seasonal variations in leather. It had EVERYTHING to do with when I got so thoroughly purse-addicted that a thousand dollar purse suddenly made eminent sense to me. And once I hit that dubious benchmark, I was totally head over heels with Balenciaga because of the major smooshiness of the leather (okay, so that varies a bit), and because the purses are so lightweight. I have a bad back, and am tired of purses that are beautiful but weigh a million pounds. Those b'bags are feathers. In any season.:love:
  11. In black - and black only - I like the older leather. I'm holding out for some early black bags, when I get the opportunity to buy one.

    For many of the other colors, though, I want the distressed look. In some cases, I think that the older bags (as they've become distressed) are more beautiful - but I wouldn't have wanted them when they were new.

    I keep wishing Zacorey would post her pictures of the camel/caramel bags again, with the dates of the bags, as I saved the picture but not the dates of the bags - and they are some killer b-bags, those bags. Love 'em. I think they were 04, 05 and 06, but I simply cannot recall for sure.
  12. I got my first Bbag, this year....and it was an 06. (Cornflower)

    I liked it, and to be honest, I don't mind the shine...but I prefer it a little duller...more...broken in.

    Then, I got a 05 Caramel (from a lovely PFer!) and it was a tad used, and a tad dry (I thought at least, but I knew this all going in) and once I put a little LMB Moisturizer, on there.....oh man. It feels just like buttah... It is positively gorgeous.

    I find myself petting it. Not to mention, I love the smell of the LMB (don't ask me why). So, yes, I prefer the 05 leather, but since Caramel is such a muted color, and Cornflower is brighter....here's my stance.

    I like the newer leather in the brighter, more fun colors. Things that are neutral, should have the smooshy leather, not very veiny.
  13. I've been buying Balenciaga since 2001 and I love the wrinkly, distressed leather. The bags that are too smooth don't have the same appeal to me, they remind me of knockoffs. And distressed leather is quite different from veiny. Veiny leather only came about in 2006. ;)