Leather polish

  1. Hi all~ Just wondering, what kind of polish do they use to polish untreated leather / bbags? Is shoe polish ok? (Sorry, I'm such a bbag newbie:sweatdrop:)
  2. Welcome to bbags!! There is a lot of info. about this in the Reference Libray Care and Maintaince section:


    I think most people on the forum, if they choose to treat or condition, use Apple or LMB - I have had good experiences with both, though some LMB products have a strong fragrance that I could live without. I think I would be cautious of shoe polish because that could be really harmful.
  3. Please read the advice and threads quoted by CoutureObsessed before doing anything since Bbag leather is very different from shoe leather..if you want to do something to improve the sheen, or to soften or 'feed' the leather go to www.lovinmybags.com as they have products suitable for this leather..stay on the Balenciaga Forum and read, read, read..I too am a Newbie on this forum, I call it 'Purse School'!..welcome.:flowers:
  4. Hi all~ Thanks for the replies. What happened was, I cleaned the handles of my first with Coach leather cleaner and a cotton cloth. And now, the leather of the handle has become very raw, almost suede like. They have lost the waxy coating. I hope I didn't kill them :crybaby:I know I need to condition them, but I was wondering if there's anything I can do to add the coating back. So I thought of leather polish. What would you guys suggest?

    Also, the coating on leather edges have started to crack. Could I buy some edge treatment and repaint them? I'm a hands-on person and don't mind some crafting work. But I know nothing about leather or how to treatment. :sad: Thank you all in advance.
  5. ^^ I've read from another Pf'er that she uses Edge Kote to apply to the leather edges. It comes in different colors too, & it was holding up pretty well.
  6. Thanks! I saw that on the web too, but was hesitant to try it. But now I know it works. :smile:

    I'm really worried about the handle leather though. It's almost sand-paper like. Does bal handles always become raw when cleaned? Should I be using a wax polisher or leather finish coat? Please help :sad:
  7. Handles on one of my bags has become raw too. You may want to try using LMB shine restorer on your bags handles. That might bring some of the shine back. I used to have some of that stuff and used it several times on my bags leather; never the handles though. It worked pretty well and definitely brought back some shine to the bag. Since I have run out, I haven’t tried it on my raw handles and I haven't gotten around to ordering more.

    Another thing would be calling Balenciaga New York about ordering completely new handles for your bag. It has been discussed on the board that they do offer this service, and others have said they don’t. I called BalNY on Tuesday about this for my bag and the repair department said they do have replacement handles. The fee for replacing your handles is $150. The problem is the time it takes to order them. The guy I spoke to said depending on the year/color it can be 1-6 months. They will call you once they come in and you then send your bag off to BalNY. I ordered some handles for my 06 origan city because I tried cleaning the handles and it made them suede-like too. I really hope they call me because I love this bag so much but looking at the handles always bums me out.