leather pants/jeans/skirts

  1. Who else likes or owns them?
  2. Ever worn them to work?
  3. i recently got a BCBG dark brown leather pencil skirt.... so far wore them once out. somewhat hard to match.... ended up wearing it with sleeveless cashmere top. But the fit is hot! =)
  4. I have leather pants and a leather skirt but only wear them out. Never to wore them to work..
  5. I have leather pants and skirts, but I haven't worn them in years. They can get pretty hot if you're somewhere warm (like at a concert :push:smile:
    I don't really have any good reason why I don't wear any of it anymore, I just don't. hm.
  6. Once I had a boss who often wore a leather skirt and sometimes the complete skirt suit to the office!

    A friend once wore her red leather dress to a wedding reception.
  7. I have several leather suits and dresses. Depending on the occasion, I will wear them out on a weekend or the occassional skirt to work, but I dont think I would wear one to a wedding! :smile:

  8. I wish I had a leather skirt. They can look very nice.
  9. I think leather skirts can look really nice as long as they're paired with the right top and shoes.
  10. I have black leather skirt. i wear ir with brown leather boots and brown jacket.
  11. Here's my
  12. Very cute! Very stylish!

    How old is your son? He looks about my sons age! :smile:
  13. I have a black leather pencil skirt. I think leather as a skirt option is a very classic piece. I would wear this to work, but leather pants might be pushing it.
  14. Thank you:smile: This is my daughter Eva, she doesn't have much hair so may look like a boy:smile: She's 17 months now.
  15. My bad! I should have looked at the pink shoes! :smile: She is a cutie! They are so much fun at this age. Exploring everything! Love your avatar as well! LoL