Leather or Watersnake?

  1. I am still on my hunt for my Choos....anyway, I'm liking the Riki but not sure if the regular leather or the Biker version of the bag is better? Anyone have any thoughts? Which one do you like and why? TIA!
  2. Better? They are both well made from high quality materials. I prefer the look of the biker leather. I have a Ramona in both Forest green and dark tan biker leather...love, love, love.
  3. jburgh

    hi, I just snatched up a forest green Ramona w/water snake trim this past Sunday. I've always wanted a black Ramona w/water snake trim, but since the green one is on SALE... Ok, so my question is the forest green easy to match??
  4. Where did you get your Ramona? The US Choo boutiques never got it...it was only carried in the European boutiques. However, Neiman Marcus carried it in the US. Did you see any Forest green Ring style?

    It goes with almost anything. Navy, black, brown, purple, red, on and on. I would not wear it with white. I'm sure if you tire of it, any number of gals on the Choo forum would be at your door waving money, LOL.
  5. Oh my goodness, I'd be at that door! I love the forest green ones! Where did you find it/for how much? Are there any more?
  6. Mine was from Neiman's in the US and full price. I tried to get a price adjustment when the other colors went on sale, but could not. Unless one has been returned, Neiman's is completely out of that color. There may be one at the Sloane St. Choo Boutique in London.
  7. i got mine at San Francisco Saks it was 30% off, with tax it was almost $1500!! I don't think there's any more of it
  8. You should "invest" the biker version. Since the price difference isn't that much, it's totally worth it! :tup:
  9. I too prefer the biker leather, but do keep in mind that IMO it makes the bag look much more casual than the calf leather. So it really depends what "look" you're going for.
  10. Btw....I would just like to add a HUGE thank you to Jburgh for as helpful as she's been in fielding questions the past few days! :flowers:

    Your responses have been top notch and even I've learned a thing or two! :tup:
  11. Awww, thanks Stinkerbelle :love: . I have been way too chatty lately, and my head is filled with trivia. What do you want to know? What part of the goat is cashmere...mohair? How to tell temperature from the number of cricket chirps? It is all in there, sheesh. :shrugs:
  12. How to tell temperature from the number of cricket chirps?

    Now *that* is something I've always wanted to know. ;)

    Seriously though, you have been fantastic in answering so many questions lately! :woohoo::woohoo:
  13. ami1481010 - where did you get your forest green Ramona????

    jmcadon - air temperature = (cricket chirps in 15 seconds) + 40
  14. Jburgh - i got mine from San Francisco Saks at 30% off :love: