Leather or Signature for which style bag and why???


Leather or Signature??? Which is a better fit for you and your lifestyle???

  1. I'm mostly a LEATHER person

  2. I'm mostly a SIGNATURE fabric person

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  1. HI, everyone. You were all such a HUGE help in my decision making with my Carly(s), so now I am coming to you again, to ask for more HELP!!! With my Christmas money I get from my relatives I want to buy yet another bag! But, I cant decide if I should buy leather or signature? I am looking at the Bleecker line (I already have the large bleecker flap in chocolate signature), the Ergos, and/or possibly a large leather Carly (since I just purchased the 2 siggy ones). I would love to hear some opinions on which material you all like more (leather or signature), for which style bag and why. Also, some modelling pics would be greatly appreciated. Right now I do own a mixture of leather and signature bags, but I am not sure what my next bag should be. TIA!!!!! Also, what is this apple conditioner I am reading about and should it be applied to ANY leather bag or just some types? TIA again!
  2. I think it's a matter of personal preference. Personally bags that really stick out to me is Carly in signature and the Ali in Leather I strongly prefer. Otherwise a lot of them look great in both. :tup:
  3. What about Bleeckers and Ergos??? Which do you prefer in them??
  4. I'd go for an all leather bag since you have a few signature ones already. The ergo hobos are great bags that are very comfortable to carry and if you can hold out a little while, they're coming out in a pleated style according to LizCordova. There's also a legacy bag or two coming out in Walnut that I think would be wonderful! And if you know you love your Carlys then a leather Carly would be great too! Hope that helps you a little! Oh, almost forgot! The bleeckers are coming out in some gorgeous colors for spring like the beautiful grass green and gorgeous pool!
  5. I think it is both personal preference, and it also depends on the bag. In the Carly, I really like signature. However, on bags with lots of hardware (Legacy Shoulder, Bleecker flap, etc.), I think Leather is the way to go! It also depends on level of maintenance you're going for...IMO, the dark leather bags like black and wine are the easiest to care for b/c they wipe clean (I treat mine with AppleGuard)!
  6. I like the bleeckers in both but prefer it in leather. And ergos I could go either way.. the nice thing is ergos are light so if you are wanting leather you could get one and it won't break your back. :tup: What do you like?
  7. WOW!!! Thanks for the info!!! I cant wait to see grass green!!!! I have a mixture of leather and signature right now, but I am interested in a bleecker duffle or an ergo hobo now and I am not sure if I should buy it in leather or signature......Any idea what a pleated ergo is???
  8. oohhh I love that wine color!!! :drool:
  9. I am eyeing the bleecker duffles and the ergo hobos!!! Actually not eyeing...drooling is more the word!!! :graucho::drool::drool::drool:
  10. I KNOW!!! I just picked up the small zip hobo in wine last night - it's TDF!!! And with the price drop and PCE, it was only $130!!

    I vote for the bleecker duffle in wine - with the recent price drop (and ask for PCE if you didn't get an invite...most of the time they will give it to you) it will be a killer deal!!!
  11. oh man!!!! Where are the pics?!?! :drool: :tup:
  12. I was a Signature Only girl until July of this year when I purchased my first leather bag, Mandy in whiskey, and from there I was hooked! I no longer have any signature bags as I've either returned the ones I never used or sold the ones I did on eBay and now I only own Leather! I"m not sure I"ll ever go back to Signature!!
  13. I only own Signature bags, but I love leather too! It really depends on the particular bag.
  14. i have a lot of sig, but have some leather too. i think carly is great in sig (but love the chili leather!) and legacy i tend to prefer in leather. everything else seems to be either way, which is the great thing about coach. gotta say0 dont like leather swingpacks much though.
  15. I tend to gravitate towards the leather bags although it really depends on the individual bag. I prefer the Carly in signature as I think it works best with that design. The legacy line I prefer in the leather. As for the Ergos and Bleekers, it depends on the individual style of each bag but for the most part, I prefer leather. That said though, my current obsession is the khaki/lilac carryall that Ranskimmie recently posted. SO.....I guess it just depends on the bag. Since you already have quite a few bags from this collection, maybe wait and see what comes out in the spring line and see if any of those appeal to you? Just a thought. Good luck! It is so exciting when you get to choose your next bag!