leather or canvas bag?

  1. Hi :smile:

    I would like to know your oppinion, as I'm new to LV and about to buy my first bag. I really wanted to get Speedy in Damier canvas, but now when I'm thinking of canvas I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I'm really worried, that canvas bag will be less proof than leather. And what about it growing older? I want a bag that I'll be using everyday and don't want to be worrie of rain or cold weather.

    Please help me deciding
    thanks so much!
  2. i user my damier bags in the rain with no worries at all
  3. The canvas is coated, so it is extremely durable - more durable than any of my leather bags. It will last you a lifetime. No worries in bad weather, either!
  4. All LV bags are really durable and usually canvas bags are even more durable than the leather ones. You shouldn't worry about that. The bags hold up great!
    If you want to buy a mono/vernis/damier azur bag you should watch the vachetta (the leather on the handles) in the rain and snow because new vachetta might stain with water. But if you take good care of your vachetta it will develop a gorgeous patina in time.
    The Damier ebene has no vachetta at all so you don't have to worry about that.
    Another vachetta free bag is the mini lin. I've heard that it holds up great as well.
  5. The canvas is very durable, more so than some leathers IMO.
  6. Damier speedy is waterproof, its coated canvas. You will use this bag for 20 years if not abused and it will still look loved.
    Leather will spot in the rain and snow, and if its not treated the spots wont come out, that bag will not last you as long as the damier. IMO!
  7. thanks so much guys! it help's alot
  8. Canvas is a lot more durable than leather. I've had no problems!
  9. I have had no problems with my canvas bags over the years whereas leather sometimes has a tendency to loss it's lustre after awhile.

    If you take care of the bags, they will last a lifetime. I have used mine through the snow, rain and cold weather and they look as good today as when I first purchased them. Don't be afraid of the canvas as it is quite durable....
  10. The Damier Bag is the most durable bag around in LV! You should have no problems at all!:tup:
  11. you'll be able to use your Damier bag for years to come, and in any kind of weather. It's a great bag to have, very, very durable!
  12. Another advantage? It's lightweight. Leather is heavy sometimes.:tup:
  13. Canvas bags are way more durable than leather! Get the Damier Speedy!
  14. ya, like others have said, canvas is WAY more durable than any leather.
    Ummm.... do you play with knives? lol I know i've tried to poke the canvas with a butter knife and nothing! absolutely no markings:biggrin:

    I like canvas for its practicality and worry-free qualities, but in terms of preference, I still like leather more. So it all depends on how you plan on using it.
  15. canvas is durable
    epi leather is also great - easy to clean and durable