Leather on wallet fading?

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  1. Hi, I have a purple/lilac Mad OP Art Checkbook Wallet. The leather of the wallet used to be a nice darker purple color and now it has faded to a lighter lilac color. The leather now looks uneven because some has faded and some parts has not. Do you know if Coach offers re-dyeing or anything like that?

    Also, how do you get pen marks out of their leather?

  2. its wear and tear... :sad: I dont believe they do ... and try a white eraser that might work ..

  3. Try taking it into a Coach store and see what they say. Worth a try...
  4. Is this your wallet? (NMA) http://www.ebay.com/itm/COACH-Madison-Op-Art-Slim-Checkbook-Wallet-Silver-43261-Raisin-Plum-/300765601756

    I'm asking because I have this exact wallet in the link above and it worries me to think of it fading! Is it the outer leather that faded or the op art fabric? Or the interior leather?
  5. My gunmetal leather zippy wallet had marks where the gunmetal color was coming off (a little different than what you are referring to) and they gave me store credit for it when I brought it in
  6. I had fading in the corners of an op art Sophia and my store gave me full credit for it on the spot. It was from 2010. I would take it in for sure and see what they can do for you.