Leather on the B Bags...

  1. Does it discolour if it gets wet???
    I was going to order a Tan but I'm worried because it snows a LOT here in the winter.
    If anyone knows...
  2. Are you talking about the patent leather B-bags or not. (I know there is a patant leather and a seude-esque B-bag from the first line of Fendis)B/C patent leather takes a beating. Remember those shiny little black shoes with the bows that lasted forever when you were little. Yeah.
  3. No not the patent, the tan leather that sort of looks the same are the Honey spy?

    Thanks though ;) :smile:
  4. Great question! I hope someone knows the answer? cuz I was thinking the black would be safer.. but the tan is nicer....
  5. I have the color of B bag you are refering to. I doesn't seem to discolor when it gets wet. I haven't used it, so I haven't had it in the rain or anything, but I tested a small inconspicuous spot and nothing happened. I hope this puts you at ease! Go for it! :smile:
  6. Oh!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!
    I really love this style and color....I envy you already having one ;)
  7. You're welcome...I wouldn't take it out in a blizzard, but I'm sure if it is protected somehow when you get caught in bad weather you should be fine.
  8. So is the leather the same as on the spies? Coz I'm so getting one if it is!
  9. I have both the spy and the b bag. I have the spy in White and chocco brown and when it rains I'm quite sad I have a plastic bag inside them and take it out and cover them up so haven't really noticed rain on them but other people on here have complained about them being stained. My B Bag got caught in the rain last week and took a bit of a battering - I was soooo scared to look at it for a while but the marks all dissappeared - now I don't know if I got lucky or not but I certainly don't want to take the risk again. I think especially with that honey colour of leather the marks stand more chance of showing up.
  10. It is the same leather, but the bag is structured compared to the slouchiness of the spy.
  11. I'm worried for the same reason. the tan would show it more...but maybe because of the texture of the leather it wouldn't be so obvious.

    I know I'd have a heart attack though, if it was all blotchy and wet.
    I can't carry it around for 4 months in a bag though ;)