leather on new miu miu bows

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  1. hey guys! for those who saw the new shipment of bow bags...was the leather the same as the previous season? i got my black bow about a month ago but havent really used it yet since there is a slight rip on the edge and some scratches...i was wondering if the new shipment the stores received have better quality and if its a different leather? if anyone could let me know that would be great...thanks so much!
  2. i think it's the same! but i can't be entirely sure. i recently bought one from the boutique and compared to my older one. and it looks the same. hope that helps!

    imho i think scratches on the bag just depends on how the bag was individually handled.
  3. thanks for the reply caren! yeah i looked at the new ones and its the same leather...i was hoping theyd bring back the grainy leather as that looked more sturdy to me...but i managed to return the old black one i got a few weeks ago for a brand new one with no scratches :biggrin:!
  4. hiya, its good to hear u exchanged for a new one, were the scratches in ur previous bag from finger nails or they were there when u brought the bag? i'm hoping not to get any scratches on my new alluminio, i love it too much!
  5. they were scratched when i received them so im not quite sure where it came from but quite possible from nails and just mis-handling in general. i was comtemplating the allumino too (love the color!!) but hate babying bags so mines gonna get dirty in no time :sad:! ill guest ill just live vicariously through you and the other allumino girls :biggrin:! plz post pics when u get yours!!!
  6. We all deserve BRAND NEW bows with NO SCRATCHES on them. I went through 2 bows... the first one had scratches and a few rips and the second one had a bunch of rips... but TODAY I ordered a brand new one from a new shipment that NY Saks recieved and my SA completed my order today! I even put it on overnight shipping, I hope this bow is BRAND NEW. Clean and shiny! Definetly post pictures when I recieved it!

    You girls should post yours!! I'd love to see :yes: