leather on herbag?

  1. I've been wondering ever since i got her and I can't figure it out... anyone know what type of leather they use in the herbag (for the "top" part that holds it all together?) Any special things I should know about it?
  2. i think it's usually barenia -- in which case maintenance is easy: if it gets scratched just rub it out with your finger.

    take a look at yours -- is the hermes logo embossed or blindstamped? if it's blindstamped it's almost certainly barenia.
  3. it's blindstamped....could be barenia...
  4. hiya. are they still selling herbags at the store? also do you know what the retail is on it?
  5. NYC, I'm pretty sure they're discontinued but some stores still have some left I think. I :heart: them and wish I had one...they are lovely!