Leather on Botkier scratching off?


Nov 29, 2007
I have a black Bianca and love it! I carry it whenever I'm not with my school bag.

The problem is the leather on the handles are kind of coming off? Looking like the white underneath is being exposed... or like turning a random shade of grey. The leather is really soft lambskin.

Anyone else having trouble with this? How can I stop (or reverse?) this process? I'm so Not into white handles on a black bag.



Aug 30, 2007
You may want to call Botkier directly and see if this issue is something that they can resolve. I hope that Botkier will stand behind its product and either offer to fix the bag or replace it. It sounds like the bag may be defective. I have a Bianca (not in black) and a Sophie (black) and haven't had problems with either one. I also haven't read anything on the forum about this problem, believe me if it was common it would've been posted somewhere. TPF'ers are great about sharing their experiences with a particular brand. On a side note, I know Lovein My Bags has a producet to help prevent handles from darkening (to be used only on handles); I'm not sure if this product would help your handbag but if Botkier refuses to help you can always try this product. Good Luck


Nov 3, 2006
I have a pale gold Clyde- the leather did start to "come off" in a certain spot. It looked more like the leather stretched and pulled the color to reveal the white underneath (if that makes sense). I was very frusterated when I found it bc I had only worn it probably 5 times! sigh...luckily the pale gold color is very light and you really have to look to see the white, but if I were you I would DEF be contacting botkier. the only reason why I didnt is bc I got mine at a boutique and it was only like $200.


Mar 23, 2007
Definitely contact Botkier about this problem. I have a pearlized cognac bianca and it looks as beautiful as the day I received it, and I am pretty abusive with my bags. Hopefully they offer some sort of refund or replacement or amiable resolution.


Jul 31, 2006
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I have a few Botkiers and have not had this problem but I hope Botkier can help you. Please let us know what they say, I'm very curious about Botkier customer service!