Leather on a truffle city spring '07

  1. I need help. I just got the truffle city and the french blue, both '07. The french blue is very smooth and luscious. The truffle is very wrinkly, soft but lots of veins. Is this normal for this color? HELP!!!
  2. What I have heard from the other ladies is that everybag is different. Even a bag in the same color will have different types of leather. I saw 2 different black cities one with really soft smooth leather another with dry, scaly, wrinkly leather. Hope this helps a little, by the way congrats on your bags!!
  3. Exactly...

    Each bag is unique in its own way, however, some PF'ers have reported similarities with bags of the same colour like more consistently distressed, thicker, veinier etc leather on the same colour from a season...

    I guess its more a case-by-case thing!

  4. Could you post a pic of your new truffle? Would love to see what THIS brown looks like :p
  5. I have a truffle brief and yes its also soft wrinkly and veiny but I love it.