Leather on a budget

  1. I just purchased a Louis Vuitton and Tod's recently but I still need a decent black bag. Any suggestions? I am looking for a bag that has good quality but not exactly expensive. What do you think of this black bag/ and or white one? Appreciate your comments
    br546449-00vliv01[1].jpg br546449-02vliv01[1].jpg
  2. I like this BR bag. I got the orange bag this season and thinking about getting this exact black bag. I think it looks like a Prada bag (I don't know the model name, I saw picture somehwere). Nordstrom has similar model in patent.
    I wish hardware on the bag was silver.
    I would not buy white from Banana Republic (I had a light brown bag from them and it got discolored), they even write down to stay away from clothers with dark colors. How could I stay away from jeans?
  3. Thanks Alice! I don't live in the US so I have not seen this bag in person and we do not have Banana Republic but am willing to order online. I'm just concerned about the quality of the leather. What other bags are you looking at right now?
  4. BR leather is good, except the coloring problem. Their handbag tend to be on a heavy side. Some of the hardware I find a little annoying, like having troubles with handles or strap, it will get stack in one position and it will take time to put it back, like in this model
    Although the bag is wonderful!

    This is the one I've got.
    I am also looking at Gucci bag or Mulberry Bayswater or MJquilted leather bag.
    I like Gucci bags, I don't like any of them on me, the same with Kate Spade and Coach- I love them on the other people.
    I like BR website, pictures give you a very clear idea what to expect. Good luck with your choice!
  5. ^^

    I don't think BR ships internationally.
  6. Those look nice! :smile: I would check out Cole Haan Village bags too! They are unbelievably soft, and you can get really good deals on them! TJ Maxx gets them in every once in awhile.
  7. oops! Didn't realize you weren't in the US...Tj Maxx might not be an option then! But there are many places online that stock Cole Haan bags.
  8. Hi! Whats your budget? In terms of more affordable leather bags, I usually look towards Cole Haan. They make some very classic and elegant pieces at an unbeatable price point. For work bags, they are usually my go to choice. For something a bit more casual and fun, I like MBMJ leather pieces
  9. BR bags are great! Except they go on sale a lot so I'd be weary of paying retail for them. I love the look of the ones you listed, though!

    And I agree with GUNG, MbyMJ handbags are fun and durable, and I personally don't have a Tano bag, but I like a lot of their styles and they're also relatively inexpensive too!
  10. These are by Marco Rossini (a small brand in Naples, Italy) - I found them on the italian eBay, but I think they have a website too? They look pretty well-made and the leather looks good, though I'd like to see some more close-up pics. They sell at approx. €60 - €100, that's not too bad I guess..
    they have other styles too (...well, apparently some has plastic zippers, which I don't like.)
  11. Thanks Friponne! I like the first bag you posted. Reminds me of Hermes :smile:
  12. I appreciate your advice, Alice. What Gucci bags are you interested in now? I live in Hong Kong and everyone wears Gucci thats why it puts me off... and of course not all of them are real so it's irritating.

    Kings, it's alright I have relatives in the US who can ship the BR bag for me so I guess I can order anything from the US then...
  13. BR and Cole Haan both make great quality bags with wonderful leather for great prices! And they can really take a beating and still look good!
  14. Marco Rossini bags are elegant and very unusual, rare to find here in the United States...I have seen them in small boutique last year in a trip to Italy...
  15. Those look nice. Love the black one.