Leather on 03/04 black classiques?

  1. I think I'm making the switch from cities to classiques, but my 04 black city with pewter has the most amazing leather out of all the hundreds of Bbags I've felt. It's smooth, matt, mooshy, almost clammy is so amazing. And I've heard others who own 04 black cities say the same. Just like marron 04 cities have a different feel of leather to the twiggies/classiques. And the FB caramel/tobacco feels very different than the FB chocolate.

    So how would you describe the leather of an 03/04 black classique? SHould I make the switch?
  2. I say don't make the switch!! honestly the leather looks great on your 04 city!
  3. hi sunspark
    I have only joined tPF in the last month, so I haven't seen a picture of your 2004 bag. Could you post one? The leather sounds devine. I am just learning about all the variations in leather and I currently have on my wish list a 2003 or 2004 black city because I love the look of the silver with the black.
  4. Here she is. Black doesn't photograph very well for me.
    black04.jpg blackcity.jpg
  5. :drool: :drool: :drool: love it!
  6. i don't think u need to switch, i tot 04's leather is already TDF and smooshy.....:smile:
  7. 03/04 leather is to die for.

    The leather on my 03 black first is silky, soft, buttery, smooshy, and well - every time I take it out it stuns me again.

    Saying that - the leather on your 04 black city sounds ridiculous too! I wouldn't trade it.. and perhaps wait and see if you can just get a classique in addition?

    I know that's my plan.. I'd love to get a black city with pewter hardware, but I wouldn't give up my 03 black first to do it.

    You have such gorgeous bags with pewter hardware - I'd keep them!!
  8. I would agree with you! there
  9. Keep the '04!! I :heart: it!!
  10. wow sunspark your 04 city is in such good condition for it's age!! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the leather on 03 & 04s. For me, the black city is the cornerstone of my wardrobe, fits perfectly with everything- is it too big for you? a first is way too small for me, but my friend loves them and thinks the city is too big.

    I think you will def. find a buyer for your city if you wanted to switch though quite easily! gorgeous!
  11. fabulous black city. You make me yearn to feel the leather from the bags of 2003/2004. It is gorgeous and if I had it I wouldn't let it go. But if you decide to ....
  12. Your black city looks absolutely delicious! Don't get rid of it! Like many others here, I say, if possible, get a "sister" for her instead...afterall, you'd likely need the two different sizes at some point anyway?