Leather oil to LVs leather parts

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  1. #1 May 14, 2016
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
    Hi! Does someone know why they recommend at the LV that nothing would be done to the leather parts of the bags? (vachetta or damier ebene leather for example..) I know all oils like oliveoil etc. don't fit for leather in long run, but there are special made leather oils or creams that are made to prevent the leather fibers from cracking and becoming too stiff/hard. And I do see the cracking and breaking often in used older pieces of Louis Vuitton.

    I've been taking care of saddles and bridles made of many kinds and colors of leathers with good quality leather oils and really can't see why it would ruin the LVs leather, when it keeps my 6000-9000$ saddles with the finest leather in the best possible condition. I've seen the ones that haven't been oiled in ages and those are the ones cracking and breaking first. Some people say it can rotten the stitching but that hasn't happened even with the 20-30 year old saddles.

    Please inform me if there is a reason or a difference in LVs leather that im not aware of :smile:
  2. I would to know this, too. I asked myself the same. All other leather products I own need leather care. And because of water stains it is sometimes really a need to protect the leather piece. And the do look great- but only the pieces with leather cream/oil and so on...
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    If you have a look at even a few year old LV items, where the leather is cracked and the bag almost ruined the question to cream the leather or not is answered-to me!

    I had a Noe that I protected with leather balm the first day I got it and the leather was still perfect-flexible-no cracks with even patina , no stains and beautiful after 15 years!
    Then it was stolen :sad:

    To make the leather THAT light as the Vachetta is- it has to be treated with tons
    of chemical things that dramatically dry the leather out.
    To cream the leather is just to give it back a little moist and oil that was drawn out of the hides during the process of tanning and to prevend it from staining!
  4. Yep, that is what I thought also with my knowledge of leather. Can't understand why they adwise not to take care of the leather at the Louis Vuitton :wondering :hrmm:
  5. May be it is as LV would like to sell more of their products...:whistle:
  6. Haha, was actually thinking it also but didnt dare to say it aloud :greengrin: Would be better that they'd make money with launching their own leather care products instead or something.. But as a lv lover and also a leather lover this fact makes me angry that the care instructions given are not actually the best for the bag/leather parts :/
  7. :tup:
  8. My LV's that look the best are those I never did anything with.
    I have conditioned and sprayed water protector on a couple bags and those look the worse (patina not even etc).
    My nicest looking bag are those 10+ years old and I haven't done a thing to...
  9. Great to hear other perspectives also, thanks :smile: I don't actually have real knowledge about sprays and water protectors, but when talking about just moisturizing the leather with a really good cream or oil that is made for that job, it really shouldt go wrong or leave uneven marks or trades. (Even with vachetta that all doesnt suit for..)

    BUT maybe that is one of the reasons they tell not to use anything, because people that havent got really good knowledge about leathercare dont maybe know what to do and with which products and so on. So it is easier to just leave the leather as it is.. Which still is not the best option for the leather but..
  10. And maybe this is just such a thing, that people really wanna have that super hyper duper even patina and perhaps it is easier to get without using products then.. (As long as you dont use hand cream, wear it on rain.. And actually you cant avoid your hands own sweat and skin oils but..)
    And maybe it is Louis Vuittons decission to choose the secure good look for clients, rather than the durability, long life and "wellbeing" of the leather.

    Haha, really don't know. Have to ask when im shopping my next item :graucho:
  11. I honestly don't see a difference between my treated vs non treated bags. The untreated ones are both 7 yrs old and I know that's not that old but they've been used heavily, even in bad weather. The vachetta still looks good with even patina and no cracking.
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