Leather of my Ludlow is torn!!!!

  1. I bought a Ludlow wallet on january 3th and last week I saw a small tear in the leather wich holds the cards.
    btw the slot only held one card!!!!
    It is really small, but if they just glue it, it will problably tear again a few weeks later.
    And I haven't paid a lot of money for something that tears in two weeks time!!!
    So I am going back to the boutique.
    What do you think they will do about it??? What are my rights????
  2. Think you should take it back to the boutique and ask to exchange a defective item. It shouldn't tear so easy. I have the ludlow and many other wallets which I can hold at least 2 cards per slot if not more and they don't tear.
  3. ^^OT
    What's the weather like in Amsterdam? We're going home to family next month. TIA!
  4. We had a big storm last week! and now it is just dull Dutch weather...
    Some rain, not alot sun. but not too cold for this time of the year.
    I could recommend you to go the the PC Hoofdstraat. All the cool shops are there like LV, gucci, mulberry, chanel....
  5. lol... If I tag along. I have to ditch my dh family and go to Amsterdam myself to shop.:p Since no one ever takes me site seeing. I think they take for granted living in the Nederlands too long. Thanks for the weather info, guess it's back to San Francisco weather; overcast and a little dreary.:flowers:
  6. They'll probably exchange it for you. It shouldn't do that in such a short amount of time! For the money, it shouldn't do that at all, right?
  7. i have the ludlow and mine is still in great shape. you may have gotten a defective one.
  8. you should get a new one!

    ps: ze kunnen soms een beetje snobby zijn het personeel als je wat komt ruilen of terugbrengen, maar gewoon netjes uitleggen wat er aan de hand is en het moet geen probleem zijn! :smile:
  9. I agree that they should give you a new one- you spent so much on it, it should not have a tear already!
  10. I have a ludlow as well and no problems with it...
  11. Wow, even Dutch people here, and I thought that almost all Dutch people hate to spend a lot of money on luxury!!!

    ps. Ik ga met een vriendin die daar ook vaak dingen koopt er naartoe. Met z'n tweeen sta je toch net wat sterker!
  12. ^:p Don't let the SAs make you feel bad about returning a defect. Just be firm!
  13. u should get a replacement for it, the crack sometimes happen after long use, or some specific corner of the bag as they bend them due to style ... if u not happy, u must go exchange them
  14. Terugbrengen!

    I don't like the SA's in Amsterdam but you don't have a choise make sure you get a new one!
  15. You should go back to the store and ask for an exchange! It's been barely a month. Do keep us posted!