leather of my bbag

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  1. hello everyone. i'm visiting from the marc jacobs board. however, i have a quick question that i know you guys will be able to help me with.

    i had no idea that the leather could vary so much between each individual bbag. anyways, i bought my bbag a year ago, but i've noticed lately from frequenting this board that it isn't as wrinkled as the bbags i've seen pictured. that texture is something i've grown to really love about this bag.

    even though it's one of my favorite bags, i don't get to use it that often, but if i do, will it change so that the leather has more of the wrinkled texture to it?

  2. All the bags are different. Even same bags from the same year can vary widly in leather type so I think you are just going to have to love her as she is.
  3. And it usually goes the other way...bags that are wrinkled can smooth out over time as they're broken in...but I've never heard of a bag getting more wrinkled.
  4. ^Exactly. I suspect the more you use it, the more yummy and fluffy your leather will get - no wrinkling.
  5. i thought that could be the case as well. unfortunately, i never took a picture of my bag when i first purchased it. i think it used to be more wrinkly than it is now. oh well. the leather is still buttery soft plus it smells amazing. i really have nothing to complain about. thank you!
  6. If you like more texture to your bags, you might want to consider buying a newer bag. Older bags like from 04 and 05 are very soft and smooshy with no veiny appearance. 06 and some 07's are really texturized and veiny. Yes, the leather does smooth out over time, but if the bag is more texturized and veiny to begin with the longer the process will take, and sometimes it will retain some of it's texture indeffinitely.