Leather of Cambons

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  1. This is probably a really silly question but what is the leather of the cambons?
  2. I believe it is calfskin
  3. it is calfskin.
    It's super soft though so some people think it's lamb, but it's not!
  4. Yes, it's calfskin...but it still scratches, so be careful
  5. Yup, calfskin. After a huge debate with my SA, she checked it out further and found out herself that it was calfskin haha.
  6. Cool thanks so much :smile:
  7. Is there any way to fix the scratches?

  8. depends what kind of scratches....if they are like scuffs, i would suggest maybe using a light leather conditioner with a little q-tip...
  9. If it gets terribly beat up your can have it reconditioned at Chanel.
  10. i'm confused. is the leather of the cambon tote (black patent c's on black) lambskin or calfskin? there was a thread i read that said it's calfskin which makes it more durable than lambskin. wha's the difference between the 2 leathers anyway?:confused1:
  11. Cambon tote can be made in calfskin or lambskin or washed lambskin. In general, calfskin is thicker and harder than lambskin. And you can see the think lines on the leather while the lines on lambskin is less apparent. Most of the fine leather goods of renowned designer's brands are made of lambskin, e.g., Chanel and Loewe. And the classic lambskin bag in black colour with double gold/silver chains is the soul of Chanel. But now, calfskin can be as soft and smooth as lambskin after refinements. Calfskin is still a good raw materials for leather goods, much better and more worthwhile than those in pig skin:woohoo:
  12. Sorry, think lines=thick lines
  13. Cambons are calfskin. It's SO soft people mistake it for lamb.
  14. thanks for info ladies! i think i want a cambon now more than ever:drool:
  15. Hello can someone please enlighten me on the type of leather that the Cambon Ligne used with the white CC's. I have that bag but no box and can't figure it out. I thought it was Calfskin but I have the Coco Bengal tote from the pre-fall 2012 collection which said Calfskin but that one feels way softer and more delicate than the Cambon leather. I've tried Googling it and looking for it on here but I can't find it anywhere.