Leather Nourisher

  1. Just wondering if all Mulberry bags need a leather Nourisher and if so , where abouts can I buy it from ?
  2. I don't know,a Mulberry shop,no sarcasm intended. But I am going to call Mulberry tommorow and find out,I've heard Collinil on Darwin and cream on glove etc,so I'm not really sure. Sarajanes used it on hers so I guess shes had no nasty suprises.But I'l call find out if you can buy and how much xxxxxxxx
  3. You're a star Chaz!!
  4. I would be most grateful if you did :smile:

    You would think that maybe they would say in the general care cards that you receive with your bags ?

    Mulberry have so many different leathers that unless you are 100% sure you don`t know what to put on your bag!

    My care card says , just wipe clean with pre-dampened soft cloth , there most be something I can use to help my bag?

    Thanks again Chaz xxx
  5. I wonder how Mulberry bags would react to saddle leather care products????
  6. Actually it would probably work well on some of the leathers , but wouldn`t dare risk it !!

    Most tack is really tough old leather even the Stubben saddles can take a bit of stick, don`t think i`d dare to try on an antiqued leather!!
  7. I use nourisher on all my Mulberries, whatever the leather. You just must have a cream one and colourless. I've bought it from Mulberry before and also got one in John Lewis.
    If I buy a choc Hanover I will definitely slap nourisher all over it to try to stop it scratching!
  8. I just spoke to a lady at Shep Mallet,and she said not to use cream on darwin as it will stain it darker,its only a tanned leather and has had no surface treatment so thats why they recommend spray.
    You can use collinil spray on glove leather,but its best to use cream.
    Collinil should stop jeans staining oak darwin if its properly sprayed.
    Two to three months is recommended for re-treating with collinil on Darwin bags.
    I asked about the Hanover as both Sarajane and I have a paticular interest in this one,she recommends nothing other than cleaning with a soft damp cloth as the leather is already treated with something.
    The nourisher is £9.99 and can be ordered from them.

    I am also of the mind that darwin may need something to keep it supple,but the only ones I have that I put cream on are choco,and I suppose you would'nt really notice a color change,Sarajane help!!!!

    Now I'm not sure about the havana,I think I am most definately with Sarajane on this one.The leather feels too delicate to do nothing with it at all.(I went to Cheshire Oaks and had a peek)

    I can feel some more scientific experiments coming up,but I need a new camera,Sophie fished mine out of my bag and posted it through the cat flap, when it was raining....................................................
  9. Is the ANTIQUED leather the same ?

    Well I suppose at the end of the day Mulberry know best don`t they , thanks for ringing them i`m sure this will help some of the other ladies .
  10. Oh sh*t yeh,I asked about that as well and she said just soft damp clean cloth,the surface has already had a treatment put on it at point of finishing in production. The lady I spoke to at Cheshire Oaks did say that Collinil won't change the color of the leather.So I suppose as long as its not metallic then its ok to give it a spray. When I was in Ch. Oaks the sa said collinil was fine on havana leather,I think if the antiqued stuff is the same you'd be ok,but tell you what,I'm gettin a bit confused now!!!

    Heres the number,give them a call and see what they say about antiqued leather,you could try asking for someone in production as soon as you get through,I have a feeling more answers will be there.................01749 340 583,the lady I spoke to was being really helpful and I did'nt want to piss her off by asking to be put through to production KWIM?
  11. I`ve just rang my local Mulberry store and asked about this Nourishing cream.

    Its made to go with the goatskin bags,if you apply to a antiqued leather i.e Hanover and Mabel you will wreck the leather as these bags are already treated and will keep soft and shall age nicely without any help ( Hence why they are called Antiqued leather):tup:

    So I`ve answered my own question really !! Still its up to each person what they what to put on their own bags:smile:
  12. Thanks chaz:smile:
    We must of posted at the same time !!
  13. Hooray!!! Thanks Tara!!! Well I'm not sure I can leave the Hanover alone when I get it,the leather is so soft,but we'll see,you know what I'm capable of when I' m bored!! LOL!!:nuts:
  15. Interesting what they say about the Darwin leather. I've slapped it all over my black Alana and olive Phoebe and the green one def hasn't darkened. Each to their own, I guess.
    If they've treated the antiqued leather then why does it scratch so badly and easily?
    Thanks for the research Chaz. Don't supposed you asked if they had any choc Hanovers while you were on the phone to SM?????