Leather Motorcycle Jackets?

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  1. Just a quick poll of people - are leather motorcycle style jackets still fashionable or did i miss the boat? I found the softest most perfect black leather jacket for $299. It's a good deal, but a waste of $$ if I hate it by next Fall. It's short (to the hip bone), has zippers at the wrist and a wide collar.

    I attached a crappy pic of it. I don't like how it's modeled! Anyways, like I mentioned, I want it in black.

    Let me know what you think!

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  2. I think it's cute! And Balenciaga moto jackets are all the rage, so I really don't think they'll go out of style anytime soon!
  3. leather jackets never go out of style (^(oo)~)
  4. I agree with lvpiggy, I think it's a great investment buy
  5. Leather moto jackets are and have always been -- a true classic.
  6. I have 4 and counting...l o l

    @lvpiggy - what's up chica
  7. I bought a smoky blue leather jacket from MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS (approx. $400). Love the gray jacket in the pic. more!!! :woot:
  8. Love leatherjackets and the one in the pic looks great
  9. that is a beautiful jacket and I think it is a timeless piece..especially if it is not too bulky on you!
  10. Always in style!! The one pictured is great. What brand is this?
  11. That jacket is the business. PURCHASE!
  12. I like that jacket, I don't think leather motorcycle jackets will ever go out of style.
  13. It's beautiful! I am also looking for something similar...
  14. agreed that leather jacket in this style will probably never be out of style...
  15. Go for it.