Leather/Metal Hangtags

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  1. Hi all,

    This may seem like a silly question, but do you keep the leather and metal "Coach" hangtags ON your bags when using them?

    Any other bag I'd buy, I'd remove them just because. But I've seen some of your images with those tags still on the bags and it made me wonder whether you use them like that or if you just haven't USED them yet, lol.
  2. I keep mine on. Sometimes they get annoying because I can't find a good place to place them so that they aren't just swinging around all of the time. Coach doesn't always initially put them in a logical place.
  3. I keep them on...it's the Coach "thang". heheh
  4. all my bags have them on too, it's part of what makes them "coach" i feel
  5. i don't know anyone (personally) that takes it off...
  6. Just my humble opinion, but a Coach isn't a Coach without the tag!
  7. That was my assumption. And that's probably why I've always taken my tags off other bags because they weren't worth keeping on, or at the very least....I didn't want to admit they weren't worth showing off, lol.
  8. I keep them on :biggrin: that's what makes it Coach
  9. :yes: i love my tags
  10. ^^Exactly!^^:yes:
  11. i agree...i freak out when my tags go missing...my friends know this and love to take it off when i'm not looking and watch me go crazy looking for it.. -__-
  12. lol thats so funny
  13. I keep them on as well. They are annoying though. I have one of the Hampton nylon bags from last year and keep stuff in the pocket on the front and the tag keeps getting stuck inside with what's in the pocket. I can't bring myself to take them off. Not because it's a "Coach bag" just because, I don't know why. :p
  14. I leave them on my bags too. The only leather tag that I took off was the one attached to my black Coach belt- I think it would be weird to wear with a leather tag.
  15. Leave em on :yes: