Leather Messenger.

  1. Hello!

    I've recently got it into my head that I need a new messenger as I'm bored of my current bags, and I'd really like a leather one. However, while I am saving up for something a bit more high market (e.g LV) I was wondering if anyone could suggest any cheaper brands or specific models for that matter that would suit the job.

    As a rough budget, I'm probably looking to spend anything between £100 - £250 (yup I'm English!) so that's about $200 - $500.

    TIA ladies and gents:flowers:
  2. This would do better in the Handbags and Purses forum.:yes:
  3. Eeek, yes I realised that once I posted. Any way I can change it? MODs?
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  5. Have you looked at the mulberry messenger bags on their website. I like the Antony bag for £195.