leather medium horsebit hobo strap question

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  1. Is the strap long enough for a heavy coat? I did some search on the forum but no answer. Also, is it really quite stiff and falls off frequently? Does it get better with time? I'm specifically looking at the brown guccissima medium hobo. Thanks
  2. I own that exact bag. The leather gets softer as its used. I can wear my bag over my shoulder with a heavy jacket no problem. Its a great bag and I highly recommend!
  3. I have the large hobo, and I have a hard time getting the bag on my shoulder when I'm wearing a big coat.
  4. i have the medium and i dont have any issues with it. i love the bag i would def recommend it!
  5. I have the medium guccissima horsebit hobo and it fits fine over a winter coat and the leather does get softer over time. I love it :love: