Leather Med. Pelham owners...help please!

  1. Hi ladies! Popping over here from Hermes for a bit!
    I tried on the gorgeous cognac all-leather med. Pelham yesterday and really like it. Owners of this bag, how has it worked for you? Likes? dislikes? The fact that it's mostly open doesn't bother me because I always wear my bags like that anyway.:p
    How about weight? Durability? The leather seems just lovely and hardy.
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I have a new Guccissima off white leather Pelham - I've had it for a couple of weeks - I took it to Paris and wore it every minute. It's a beautiful bag and I have had no problems with it - I'm not sure how to take care of the leather (if it needs cleaning) I'm thinking baby wipe. It's an expensive bag (for me) so I am careful with it but it really is sensational. P.S The open part actually makes it easier to find things fast and I hold it close to my body so there is really no concern. It is a light weight bag and the leather is probably the best I've ever seen or touched.
    Extra 2.jpg Gucci resized 7.jpg lining.jpg Gucci resized.jpg
  3. ^ Thank you! it's gorgeous! I'm getting tempted!!
  4. How are the braided leather straps holding up for those of you who have a Pelham?
  5. GT...you should be tempted...it is a pretty lovely bag!
  6. Greentea

    Read the end of the thread titled Upset:sad: someone mentioned that one of the outlets has a Guccissima pelham there on sale.
  7. ^ Thanks!

    Uh-oh, Kellybag, you found me in Gucci!! LOL!