Leather Maggie

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  1. Do you have it? Do you like it? How is the size? Sorry...20 questions, much? I have been stalking the Coach site, I really, really want this bag! I'm hoping it will hit the outlets at some point, soon, and maybe I'll get lucky enough to score a FP delete, lol. How long have they been out? (My Coach obsession is just beginning) Please talk me into waiting for the outlet or I may end up buying it this weekend, FP :nuts:
  2. I have one and I LOVE it! The leather is beautiful and the bag has such a pretty shape. I have the black shiny leather one, and it reminds me of a rocker chic bag...but still classy. Even my mom liked it and she isn't really a Coach fan. Good luck~hope you get one!! =)
    What color are you going for?
  3. I have two, both leather. I have a large black(with pleats) style # 13897 and a medium plum (no pleats) style # 14336. The black one is slightly larger than the plum one. I like it a little better, but the plum one is perfect for that little pop of color. The leather is great, and both bags are very roomy. I love them both!

    At the outlet near my house they had some of the raspberry op art ones, but no leather.

    Good luck getting one!
  4. I have seen them come and go at my Outlet...So it is either a hit or miss deal!!!! If you love this bag that much, I say go for it.If not, wait it out and take your chances. I would also call a few Outlets to see if they have any. Good Luck
  5. I am really wanting a black leather one. Though, the green is soooo pretty, I'm just not sure it would get used as much. The plum is also very pretty! But, if I'm going to pay FP, I'm definitely getting a black one, if I find one in the outlet for cheaper, I would be willing to be a little more adventurous, lol.
  6. I have a plum one and love it. I love the compartments, and the sheen of the leather. I scored mine from my outlet it was on clearance, with the 20% coupon it was only $135.00! My outlet also had the jade patent leather one for 30% off retail as well as the brown, silver and raspberry op art ones for 30% off. My outlet also had the chainlink maggie. Happy huunting!
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    Really? Ugh. I hate living an hour away from an outlet. I have 2 outlets, both an hour away in opposite directions! Are these the leather ones? They are still on the Coach site (or am I completely screwing up my lines again, lol) I didn't realize they would be at the outlet if they are still on the website.
  8. Oh, I'm jealous! I didn't think the plum ones were at the outlets, and I paid FP for mine. Ugh! LOL...

    But I did score my black one on ebay for around $200.
  9. I really need to get this Outlet rotation down. I had no idea you could get them at the outlets yet :sad: Anyone know what will be at the outlets next?
  10. I have a large gray Maggie. I love it, and it keeps me organized with the three different compartments.
  11. You may want to try Macy's, if you have one near you. I ended up buying a periwinkle Maggie for $200. It was 30% off and then another 20% because I had a coupon. The black are still full price, but you might find another color on sale.

    I wanted the black, at first, and still may get one, but the periwinkle is beautiful and very versatile. Good luck!
  12. I have a Mahogany one and I love it!
  13. I have two with a third on the way. I haven't been THIS in love with a bag. I have an Audrey which I adore, a legacy shoulder bag and a Parker Satchel. The Maggie is the first time I have bought more than one of a style. I have the Walnut, jsut bought the Periwinkle and have the bone ordered. LOVE the Maggie Leather bags!
  14. what's the thoughts on the jade maggie?