Leather Madeline Discussion

  1. I stated earlier that I specifically took my lunch break today to go to the Coach store and purchase the Geranium/Brass Leather Madeline - only to discover once I "put it on" that it was far too large for my frame (I'm 5'3").

    I was wondering if anyone has this bag - or if anyone else has experienced how overwhelmingly big this bag feels when it's on your arm?

    Why can't they make it in the smaller size like the signature tote? I'm so frustrated because I've dreamed about this bag for the past two weeks when I first saw it - AND I found the matching French wallet which I LOVE...Any comments greatly appreciated. Now I have to find something else to obsess over...

    Miserable in DC -
    (not so impulsive today) impulsebuyer
  2. I really wanted to get this bag too, but it's just way too huge. I'm 5'5. I wish they'd come out with a smaller version too! I'm thinking about getting the smaller heritage satchel, it sounds similar and hopefully is more manageable.
  3. There is a smaller size. It's 11553 and is one inch smaller in length and width. It's available now in black, parchment and buckskin. I didn't ask if geranium was coming out though. Sorry! Magenta is scheduled to come out in April/May. Hope that helps!
  4. You'd think they'd reduce it by more than just one inch! I don't think that's enough to do it for me!
  5. same with the new Miranda sister.....shaped a little differently, suppose to be smaller but basicly the same size! Coach needs to make true large, medium and small sizes in their bags! ..and then the Ergo hobos are the opposite. THe medium is a good medium but then the large is HUGE compared to the medium. LOL