Leather LV handbag which looks like the Givenchy Antigona?

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  1. Hey guys! Hopefully one of you might be able to help me out here. I was out for lunch and saw someone with a lovely bag, the shape/structure reminded me of the Givenchy Antigona (if you google it you'll see it, not the tote but the handbag) and when I walked past I was able to sneak a peek and it said on the front in subtle silver lettering, something something, then next row Louis Vuiton, then next row Paris. It was in black leather, I think it was smooth.

    I've been on the LV website looking for the bag but I can't seem to find it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about (or if this bag even exists and is not due to my mind playing tricks on me :P) then I would love your input. Thanks! :smile:
  2. Soft Lockit?

    louis-vuitton-lockit-mm-soft-leather--M94592_PM2_Front view.jpg
  3. There is one model in the exclusive Haute Maroquinerie collection that sort of looks like it. It's a made to order bag. I can't remember the name.
  4. That's the one! You're a genius, Mrsinsyder!!! It was missing the clochette when I saw it, and now that I google pics of it being carried the corners seem to flop down in use unfortunately :sad: Really beautiful piece, regardless!
  5. It is a lovely bag! Quite heavy, but so is the Antigona.
  6. Same with the new totally replacing the current totally. Looks just like coach and other handbags.

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  7. Err, the Lockit (in some form) has been made since 1958, so LV isn't the copycat here.
  8. Also that new Totally is hideous :sick:
  9. Do you happen to remember what it's called? If its made to order it's almost quite certainly out of my price range, but I love looking at pretty bags nevertheless :biggrin:
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    Agreed, maybe its just the picture but it looks extremely uninspired, like they knocked one of their own bags off and got the shape wrong or something... the Coach tote reminds me of one of those MK totes every other girl in uni seems to be using, but Coach definitely came first, soooo...
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    Is that it?
  12. Might be this:
    The Marias. More common, but not made anymore.
  13. I'm just watching some reviews on it right now (love the one from Chase Amie!) and it is such a beautiful yet structured and tough bag. Definitely going to pencil it onto my wishlist!
  14. The Marais does look very similar.

    FYI: Le Marais is the gay neighborhood of Paris, which happens to be the neighborhood with the oldest still standing buildings of the city, dating back to the high Middle Ages. Very charming place to shop or grab a lunch!
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