leather looks dull

  1. hi gals, when i went to the fendi store to try on some colors, the black looked really really faded compared to the shiny vibrant cognac. is there anything that you can spray or apply to the leather so that it's shiny? not patent leather shiny but you know... the vibrant color?
  2. i have a black spy myself, and i agree the leather does start to look dull after a while. however i dont think there is anything you can do because the bag is made with untreated raw leather, so if a cleaner, cream or lotion was applied it would only ruin the bag
  3. ohhhh... didn't know that...
  4. I'm not so sure it would ruin the bag...I've had no problem puttung pre-treatment on my choco spy....does anyone else know about this? baobei, did you have a bad experience w/ using stuff on your bag?