Leather lined bags

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  1. I know the Papillon is one of the few leather lined LV bags these days, but are there any others in the non-LE (meaning not super pricey) styles that have leather lining? Thanks
  2. Boulogne, Trocadero, Danube, Nil, Amazone
  3. You will tend to find it is the older discontinued models with the leather lining. The Trocadero, Danuble, Nil and Amazone are all still available today but going back the Babylone had the leather lining originally as did the Porte Documents Voyage, Pochette Marly range, Orsay, Marne, Raspail, Drouot, Cartouchiere, St Cloud, Blois, Jeune Fille and many, many more I can list if you want to know.
  4. Wow, thanks, very helpful.
  5. Is Le Sac Louis leather lined as well or is my memory playing tricks on me? :smile:
  6. Good question. I wish LV would come out with a new mono bag lined in leather. They are so much easier to keep clean, and they smell so nice. :tup:

    Mono Monceau is leather lined as well as leather sides & bottom, with leather strap. Actually the Monceau has more leather area than canvas. - but discontinued a few years ago.

    Also the Boulogne is lined in leather - discontinued.

    The Babylon was lined in leather until sometime in the mid/late 90's when they started making them with the textile lining. You can still occasionally find the older leather lined ones on ebay.
  7. Vernis Houston, but sadly discontinued.
  8. Most of the vintage bags, up to the late 1990s are lined in leather. I've got a Pochette Bordeaux, Mono Raspail, Epi Raspail (lined in blue leather), and Mono Concorde that are all lined in leather. You've got to be careful when buying the vintage bags though, because some of the leather linings, especially in the small zip pockets, take on humidity over the years and get a black, sticky, film on them. I love my vintage LVs, but I am currently in the process of restoring the lined leather pockets with fabric because the stickiness makes the pockets unusable!
  9. Interesting thread. I do wish LV would bring back the styles, materials and workmanship of the past...I really do!

  10. Isnt the pap just the coated canvas inside??