Leather leggings- yay or nay??

  1. Thanks for making us aware. I think we get the point. Actually I would like it if I knew that animals were not unethically hurt in producing my leggings. The problem is that the manufacturers, such as H&M, Zara, Goosecraft, Joseph etc, most of the time dont know where the leather comes from and therefore cannot guarantee anything.

    Back to the topic! I think the leather leggings will not go out of fashion for the next season! I have seen the leather leggings on the catwalk the last seasons, but also for the coming season. I would recommend it.

    However please inspect your leggings well before you decide to keep them. I had many problem with different brands of legging, for example one of the the leather tore (at the hem), and the other one the leather tore on my butt. Leather (as thin as it is on the leggings) is very delicate material, therefore dont buy them too tight. Keep the receipt...

  2. Another leather collector here too :smile:
  3. i just ordered a Sara Berman skinny leather pant from The Outnet sale. i hope it fits me good as i am short and petite. it's deep sale price is too hard to pass. :graucho:
  4. Just peeped Outnet for those and they are all sold out of my size :sad:

    Enjoy yours!
  5. I just ordered some too. I ordered two different sizes to see which ones fit best. I didnt want to order one and then it not fit. I am excited to get them!
  6. On the point as to whether or not they are gear to stay, I too am sure they are - at least for a few years. The runways are still featuring them heavily as mentioned above.
  7. Just checked the website..... Those are some fabulous discounts! I'll have a proper look later and, hopefully, save myself loads of money by spending loads of money!! :smile: you get my logic right?
  8. I've been after a cream leather dress for ages. I own a black one and used to own a mahogany colored one. I have sent some that I like at Warehouse (online) but I adore this Mendel one - but I don't want to spend so much on it.

    Sorry to go slightly OT guys.
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  9. My cream leather dress is by Theory from last year. I love it!
  10. Now the leggings are cheaper so they gave me store credit for the price difference.
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  12. i ordered the XS as per their sizing advice but it's still loose on my waist but tight on my legs. sadly, it's on clearance so i can't return it.
  13. I didnt even realize if they ran small. I vary in size depending on the cut and material so I hope at least one of the two sizes fits me. I am really looking forward to wearing leather leggings this fall.
  14. Off and on topic, I am a vegetarian and vegan at times and I just ordered the Sara Berman leather pants from The outnet. I just saw the extreme discount price and checked out, never had the desire to want leather pants but hopefully they will fit.

    I know to some I am not going by my beliefs but I try my best to do my part when it comes to eating, wearing and using animal products but its very hard in this day and age. Case in point, I would not even be able to drive my car nor DH's because of the leather seats.
  15. Oh no! I ordered a size up because I have athletic/bigger thighs. I often have problems with skinnys because of this. Crossing fingers they fit.