Leather leggings- yay or nay??

  1. aegis the leather ones you ordered look perfect- let us know how you like them!

    I personally prefer real over faux leather- only because I'm a sucker for soft, luxurious leather (that's why I'm a bal gal!) And I really love leather in unexpected places (i.e. leggings, a top, dress, even shorts!) However, I have no experience with faux leather, so that may be just as nice.

    Platinum- you make the your faux leggings look great, ultimately I think it comes down to the person wearing them that makes leather (faux or real) leggings look amazing :tup:
  2. These look great but I don't consider these leggings. To me they look like slim fit jeans or the cigarette style pants favored by Audrey Hepburn. I think they are wonderfully versatile. You can wear them like the model in the picture, or wear with flats or ballet slippers or even booties in the fall and a thick sweater. I say go for it!
  3. i say yay. they can be super hot, you just have to find a pair that suits your body. I dont usually wear them for daytime wear but I have seen people do it and it looks great with a loose fitting top. If you like it, wear it!
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  5. According to her SS wardrobe she has around 9 pairs of full on leather leggings/trousers and a couple pairs of the AA and LNA wet look style leggings :rolleyes:

    I totally agree that it depends upon the person, i think with me it is that i try to limit the amount of leather that i will buy, i really will only buy leather bags- not much else, so the faux leather option weighs far better on my conscience, and like i mentioned before- i have found them to be fine and they fit nicely to my body, and best of all of course is the far cheaper price, the pair i wore most recently (and posted in this thread) were only £5.00 in the sale, can't beat that :tup:

    And thankyou for your lovely comment, you are so sweet xoxo
  6. I am hooked on this look for winter. Hopefully I can snag a pair soon :smile:
  7. ITA, pleather does not work for me either. Can be sweaty :sad:
  8. Thank you :smile:

  9. I've been looking for some black leather leggings. I'm trying to decide between these two.

    VINCE-WP104_V1.jpg VINCE-WP104_V3.jpg

    Helmut Lang
    0478533011488R__ASTL_300x400.jpg 0478533011488R__A1_300x400.jpg
  10. Thanks! I ordered them both and I'm gonna keep the pair that works best.
  11. Between these 2 specific pairs I prefer the helmut langs over the Vince, only because I dont love jeans styling on leather leggings. I like the more minimalist look. But I think it comes down to fit- quality wise, I would think you can't go wrong with either pair. Let us know what you decide! :graucho:

  12. it just looks like hemut lang has longer inseam and vince is normal length leggings...
  13. Thank you! I got them from H&M a couple seasons ago actually. They're faux yet every time I wear them people pull and pinch them because they can't believe they're not leather. ;)
  14. All these mod pics make me need to say a HUGE YAY! You all look fab, and I had to think of you (ama, juneping and carolines mode to name a few) when I read the title of the thread:biggrin:...
    I am glad you kept yours, totally rockin em:smile:

    I want a pair too;)...maybe on our meet we'll find a pair?:smile:I need to check the Jitrois though the price tag is quite unbelievable:p