Leather leggings- yay or nay??

  1. Ok ladies, I need help! I've always loved the look of leather leggings and wondered if I could pull them off. Well, I just scored a pair of black Vince leather leggings for 1/3 the original price! (Still pricey though!) They're surprisingly comfortable, leather is super soft and not too shiny, and they fit well. I'm just not sure I can pull it off, or that they're worth the splurge. I'm thinking they'll look great w/some of my slouchy Vince cashmere sweaters. But I need inspiration- do you love your leather leggings? Are they comfy to wear all day? When, where, how do you wear them? Dressy only? Casual? Also, are they hard to care for? And post modeling pics if you have any. Thanks ladies! :biggrin:
  2. Nay. I have yet to see a single person they look good on. Not even models look good in them.
  3. Not a fan
  4. omg i love them yay!!!!! so edgy.
  5. yay, if you wear them right ... leather leggings can be difficult - the right top - absolutely
  6. Agreed they can be difficult to pull off!! But when done right I think they look so so fantastic! :smile: They'd be something fun and different to wear on a night out in the fall. Also wondering if they're a trend thats on the way out...in which case it's hard to justify keeping them!
  7. Love them! I think they would look great with a simple, not too tight top.
    Would you mind sharing where you got them at such a great price?
  8. If u have nice legs, go for them
  9. Leggings should not be worn with shirts. Leggings are worn with dresses or shorts over them. Leggings are NOT pants.
  10. Yay for me, when worn well they look really nice. Kinda edgy I guess. The fit has to be right though but, if it is, go for it.
  11. This! Omg I see too many people in just leggings. Not a good look...

    Buy worn correctly I think the leather ones are amazing. Very rocker. I'm so sad that I'm just too overweight for this trend. I would buy some in a heartbeat.

    As for keeping them. Well that depends on your personal style.
  12. Nay... Not for me at least
  13. I love these...they don't look too tight, and I like the cropped style. I would wear with a longer chunky sweater or longer shirt though.