Leather Legacy Bags at my Macy's

  1. Macy's in Fayette Mall, Lexington KY has 2 natural leather Ali bags and one black leather shoulder zip.
  2. KY has Legacy bags and we don't? =(
    No offense, I thought we were more of a city place that KY was. You are lucky Coach Bag =). Thanks for the update.
  3. King of Prussia had some stuff. Not much.
  4. Where are you located PyAri?
  5. Macys @ Hamilton Mall in NJ had a black and a brown legacy shoulder.....not a whiskey or it would've been gone! ;)
  6. The Macy's by me had 2 Whiskey Shoulder Bags. GREAT find for someone if they're not gone yet. :yes: Houston Galleria Macy's.
  7. Tucson has nothing in leather. Spent a couple of hours with the Macy's SA calling around to numerous stores on the west coast looking for the brown Ali and finally found one in Rancho Cucamonga. A few stores she talked to had the Ali in natural.