Leather Large Coffer Questions


Aug 3, 2007
Hey I have a couple questions about the Coffer...is the large retail priced at $1445? I just want to make sure I am buying the largest size it comes in...also, do you recommend the tan or the dark brown? I can't decide between the two! Thanks so much!


Nov 27, 2006
The large one is $1445 retail. Can't help you with Color, but I'm sure someone will chime in soon with advice! I've seen the dark brown in color and its gorgeous. Other folks have said, too that the dark colors do well and hold up really great.


Chewy Redlands CA Police K-9
Jun 27, 2007
When you say "tan" are you referring to the Cammello color which is like a camel color? If so, let me just say that the darker the Coffer's color is, the better it holds up. The lighter the color is, the more you will see wear on it and the extremely light ones (ivory/cream, etc) are prone to color transfer from jeans, etc.

The Cammello (tan?) will show scratches on it, however I personally think that it gives it a very rustic, personable look. Also, the cammello will get kind of "shiny" where the leather rubs against any part of your body continuously (ie - braided handle, back of bag, etc).

The dark brown is an absolutely a wonderful color for a coffer which will be worn frequently. The tan (if it's the cammello color) is also beautiful, but will definitely show signs that it has been worn.

Either way, just know that the coffer gets softer and slouchier, the more it is worn. It's the best bag ever!!!! :love:


Apr 2, 2007
I have the dark brown and I love it to bits! Mine is worn at least half the week so I'd say it's a great "everyday" bag in the dark brown color. I mentioed a couple of months back that I schlepped the dark brown Coffer all over Paris on a week long trip. I love the color; it's deep and warm and it looks beautiful even after a lot of use.

I also like the lighter colors but don't own the camello. I own an ivory gauffre but I am really careful with it, as one needs to be. I don't worry much with the dark brown. Hope this helps!