Leather Lace?

  1. Does anyone own the LV "Leather Lace"?? Do you like it? Are there any LV markings on it anywhere?

    Elux seems to no longer carry the item, but I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton pendant and would like one of these lace items to put it on. Does anyone know where this is available? Thanks!!
  2. You can call the 800vuitton they can locate it for you, I think that "lv" is engraved on the hardware part.
  3. ive seen someone use the lace to put pendents and chrms on and it looks awesome, the lv site shows the lv engrving
  4. I was looking too for a brown with gold tips. Eluxury had the orange with gold the other day. If you go to the LV site you will see them depicted; however, their site tells you to contact LV's customer service to order one. Good Luck. Oh yeah, forgot, the LV marking is on the hardware tips of the lace.