Leather lace question?????

  1. Exactly, because if it's leather, then how can you tie it tightly enough to wear it as a necklace or bracelet??
  2. haha...i think its to wear different pendants on?? apparently a lot of people know what it is because there used to be TONS of colors and noww theres only a few!
  3. I'm just curious as to how to close it (knot or does it snap together at the brass ends?)
  4. it's for LV fine jewelery pendants (or charms if you want) and you just knot it
  5. ^^ Exactly. There have been posts about this before. It seems the consensus was that it was expensive for being a leather string.
  6. sorry didn't see the post about this before, otherwise I would have answered my own question.
    Thanks, and yes it is expensive for a piece of leather.
  7. very much agree.
    Not to offend anyone, but if I were to get a piece of LV leather string, I'd just use their string for packaging gifts/boxes... :roflmfao: it IS indeed made by LV ya know... lol
  8. I have better things I can spend $67.00 on... :s
  9. So true! I agree with you CEC! :nuts: