Leather Kristin - Does anyone have her?

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009

    I'm curious if anyone has the Kristin? Is she as huge as she appears to be? Is she too heavy? I'm only 5'1" and I'm thinking this bag will be too big for me, lol. So if anyone has her, lets hear about her! TIA!


    PS modeling pics would be awesome..
  2. I don't have one but I love the Kristin. IT IS HUGE THOUGH!!! Do you have a FP store close by...if you're 5'1" you might want to check it out first. Hubby and I were at FP today and I put the Kristin on my shoulder (I'm 5'6") and he said "that is a huge bag." It's MUCH BIGGER than the pics make it look.
  3. All I have seen is the chocolate suede Kristins at the outlet - and she is HUGE. Too big for me and I am a big girl.

  4. the kristin would probably be way too large for your frame. i've been eyeing this one too, but don't want to pay six hundred dollars. the large leather soho hobo is the exact same thing, but smaller, it's still big, and only $378. i plan on picking that baby up as soon as my income tax comes back! :yahoo:
  5. I only have the suede so I can't really say anything about the leather except for that it is not as heavy as you would think. I tried one on and I feel like it would have to slouch a lot more to be wearable. Its going to be different for everyone depending on what you like.

    The suede, however, slouches really well. Its definitely not a bag I would use every day. If anything, its probably bigger than you think it is. I'm 5'3 and some people comment that my bag is gigantic and some think it looks great. Its all a matter of what you like. My cousin's wife jokes and asks if I'd like to check my luggage and my two friends grab it from me to try on all the time.

    Personally I love everything from tiny clutches to huge hobos. I don't really care if it overwhelms my frame because I like to think I can pull it off anyway. I didn't find the leather to be comfortable for me but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be for you. As always, you should try it on if you can. Just know that if you're looking for something that isn't gigantic, its probably not what you want.
  6. I'm also 5'1".
    I remember seeing this in the store.
    For ME, it's WAY too huge.
    But, some people, even petites, can pull it off. Not me, LOL.
  7. Lol thanks for the feedback :smile: I will definitely consider the regular Hobo instead of the Kristin. I should stick with my gut feeling more often! I'm getting my "first" purse this week, a leather Carly and think I'll go with the Sig. Zoe for my next purse. After that.... probably the Sabrina! I'm totally addicted...