Leather Key Cases?

  1. I have a nice Prada fuschia saffiano leather key case. Lovely, but I'm finding it rather stands out a bit in a handbag that is not a complimentary color. OK - it worked in my saddle HH Inka, but in the olive, it just looks peculiar.

    I'm having a hard time finding a nice leather key case. Osgoode Marley seems to make them, but only double-sided and in dark colors (in other words, for men) (isn't that weird that 'men' don't seem to like color in their lives?)

    Anybody have any ideas? U.S. preferable, as I don't want to wait forever. I checked Zappos and eBags ...
  2. I have searched high and low - Amazon to eBay to some really nice place in the U.K. - WHY aren't more of these made? In pretty colors with neat designs? I found a white embroidered leather Christian Dior case on eBay, but for $149??? Well.

    Forgot to mention - snap close, no zippered business.

  3. what about coach? or lv?
  4. There are two Coach on eBay right now - a red one and a black one. I'll probably bid on the black one. I think red would end me up in the same position I am now.

    I think there's an LV too - but I'm not really into the logos thing, prefer a solid background...

    There's a leather Rolfs case, too - tan leather, with a nice engraved art-deco pattern on the front. The seller got it from his/her great aunt. Never used. Probably from 1982 or something. Ha. I thought about it - and decided not. It snaps into plastic holes, which are probably degrading ... :roflmfao:

    Thanks, though!:smile:
  5. I just ordered a black leather Tumi - it was on sale for $29. I've had Tumi products before, my husband has their wallet, Tumi does *real nice* leather.

    So I'm done. Thanks!
  6. Congrats! So happy that you found what you were looking for!! ;)
  7. Pics???:popcorn:
  8. cg, you're so funny -

    Here's the Tumi

    Here's the Dior
  9. Hi CG, fancy meeting you there :p

    Someone once posted a thread that she was dying to buy a new bag but was on a ban and was looking for suggestions on how to scratch that itch.

    Another pfer suggested the Coach mini skinnies. They come in all sorts of colors and designs. They are very cute. I have a couple but I only use my lavendar leather. It's plain (I don't like logos in my stuff). I keep all my grocery cards, CVS card, etc in there. Love it!
  10. IndiaInk- did you buy both of them? Or just the Tumi?
  11. Judie, just the Tumi. I've made the seller of the Dior a best offer, but she's probably laughing at me - soon as she recovers, I'm sure I'll be declined.
  12. Hi judie! Hi India! Well, did you get the dior or did you get laughed at??? I think the Dior is adorable and hope you get it but everything Tumi makes is wonderful. Use it well!
  13. Nah, no Dior for me. She made a counter offer, still a low price, but if she's willing to sell it that low, I doubt the authenticity. Tumi's fine for me! Very classy and well made, IMO. AND - black goes with everything, does it not?
  14. Hey OP, thanks for posting this! I didn't realize it but this is just what I need for my own keys. I' m tired of having a bazillion keys hanging from my ring.

    Plus, it's a new accessory to shop for!