Leather Jackets!!

  1. I want a leather jacket, a motorcycle type of jacket!!:supacool:
    I love Victoria Beckham's style leather jacket :graucho: !!
    I like this one Vanessa is wearing as well, but where do I find them?
    Can you ladies give me some ideas :idea: or find me a great leather jacket!!

  2. vince washed leather jacket. sold out mostly everywhere though.[​IMG]
  3. I just got this one from VINCE...its on sale for $254, down from $725
  4. Yeah, I would love one like this too. There was a great bomber style one at Shopbop.com but by the time I saw it in the lookbook, it was already sold out!
  5. topshop2.jpg

    this one is from Topshop for £100
  6. oasis1.jpg

    i have this blue one from Oasis, it's gorgeous! it's £125
  7. Paree I am in love with the vince washed leather jacket!!! Where can i find it??
    I love the one yo just got as well , how does the fleece look does it look to wintery??
  8. The one that vanessa minillo wears is Mike $ Chris "Clark". Shopbop still has all sizes.
  9. the SA at HAyden Harnett mentioned about having a leather jacket for their fall collection . You might wanna chek it at the website sometime soon.

    I wonder when does the new collection of leather jackets start to come out at stores?

  10. First one is from saks & the second is from Neimans.
    The bomber jacket that I got on sale, doesnt look that fleecy and wintery. But, I think it would look great worn with a casual outfit and maybe some knee high leather boots over skinny jeans....we shall see when it comes :smile: I have seen the brown version in saks and the quality is amazing! I think Neimans has a size small left.
  11. Check out S.W.O.R.D on shopbop. I really like them, and they're a little cheaper than Mike&Chris.
  12. I love my Mike & Chris maxwell leather hoodie... :heart:
  13. Paree I can't find it in Saks, is it on sale or regular price, I don't see iton their website can you link me????
  14. I want a black one specifically, soo it can match everything!!!!!
  15. I haven't seen a lot left after the sales but last fall Guess made several of them. Andrew Marc alse made one. Might be a place to start once more fall stuff comes in.