Leather Jackets ..... yes, another one lol

  1. Hey there Ladies & Gents.

    I've been looking for a leather jacket for ages and think I might have found the perfect one for me. I really love the Mike & Chris ones but they look a little short in length for me. I wanted something a little distressed, classic but still a little trendy and black (natch).

    Then I found this one from Vince, any opinions would be appreciated :flowers:

  2. Ohhhhh I am so biased because I LOVE Vince! All I can say is I LOVE the way Vince is tailored- their clothing fits me great. That jacket looks yummy!
  3. I love Vince too X Joie! I get lots of their stuff sent over from the US and I love their tailoring too!!! Hopefully Saks won't mess up the order as it was one of the last few in my size.
  4. I think F/W 07 Sweetface has one I want to get ... the sleeves are like, half sweater material.

    How much is retail for this Vince jacket?
  5. Legaldiva: Retail is (eep) 695 USD, works out to just over €500 for me. Do you have a pic of the Sweetface one?
  6. Dang Nola, THAT is gorgeous.
  7. I know:sweatdrop: I wish I liked something cheaper for once!
  8. Im liking the Vince one and the Todd Lynn one. but I would never spend that kind of money on a leather jacket!
  9. my favourites are rick owens :drool: but i'm making do with mike&chris for now :sweatdrop:
  10. Love the Vince jacket.